Don't Fret, you're not alone.

Most nonprofits answer ‘Yes’ to them too.

We believe that every nonprofit deserves to
make its presence felt in the digital space.

We've found that most nonprofits share the opinion that digital transformation and marketing is an expensive affair. Let's be realistic. It does take an entire team to manage and run your digital marketing campaigns.

Here at Netrocon Digital we've crafted packages that
suit every nonprofits marketing budget.


If you are a 501 (c)(6) Nonprofit that’s keen on creating a clean, professional Digital Presence… Here are some of the services that can help you scale your growth


Rank high for what you want to be known for, save money on Ad spend

Social Media Management

Build a strong community with increased engagement rates

Paid Ads

Use budgets efficiently on main events and see an increase in registrations/signups

Email Marketing and Automation

Engage and retain members with a segmented, personalized experience

Thought Leadership

Elevate board members as thought leader

Web/Mobile development

Better user experience and UI drive more engagement and visits.

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