Cheap Clicks Great Leads

Be it Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google, or Linkedin, our tailored PPC campaigns will help any small and midsized business lower their CPC, increase conversions, and drive more revenue.

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Don’t Swim Upstream.

In order to succeed in online marketing, you need to “reach the right people with the right message on the right channel”. But managing and synching PPC campaigns across multiple platforms is difficult and time-consuming. To save effort, many companies resort to “hack-and-slash” practices that are detrimental in the long run. Such poorly managed and complex PPC campaigns cause your cost of client acquisition to skyrocket, making your profit margins razor-thin or even negative.

More Bang For Your Buck.

Despite all, PPC advertising is one of the best ways to kickstart or scale your business — if done right. To ensure that happens, we help you craft the perfect messages for your PPC campaigns, audiences, and channels. We also oversee that the whole operation is running smoothly and in sync. This way all your marketing efforts begin to pull in the same direction and you start to capitalize on every lucrative opportunity.

What Our Client Say

Project Manager, IGLNA
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Mallory Muetzel "Netrocon helped us upgrade our children's ministry into an exciting new brand, Love 1 More. They crafted a beautiful new logo, purposeful brand identity, and easy to use website and while skillfully managing the entire process. We're so grateful for Netrocon's branding expertise, understanding of UX design, and quick turnaround!"

Marketing Director, TEDxTucson
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Andres Portela "TEDxTucson came to Netrocon digital with the request of building a site that would reflect the unique essence of Tucson. We gave them some basic information and some design elements from other sites that we like and what we got back was much greater than we could comprehend. Our collective was extremely happy with the time, precision, and care that was taken to give us a site that we could be proud of. We are extremely proud."

Co Founder, Zwytch
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Daniel Sudhin "Building Zwytch with Netrocon was a lot of fun. Right from the inception of the idea all the way through marketing to customers, they had all the tools and talent necessary to bring the idea to life. The process involved key insights on product ideas, white board sketches, user interface mockups, Marketing and Go to Market strategies etc... Netrocon has extremely talented individuals who truly understand how to design and market a great software."

How You Benefit.

High quality leads at cheap prices

PPC advertising is one of the fastest ways to scale your business. One of the reasons for that is that PPC campaigns require minimal ramp-up time. No matter how big or small you are, a good campaign can get you clients practically overnight. On top of that, the hyper-targeted nature of PPC campaigns allows you to quickly expand to new markets and target only the hottest leads possible, thus drastically reducing your CAC.

Immediate Feedback

The quick ad deployment also means immediate feedback on what’s working and what’s not. All you need to know is how to correctly interpret the data. This adjusting speed gives you real-time control over your spending. Thus making sure you never spend more money than necessary on underperforming campaigns and audiences.

Gets better over time.

Over time the pixel and algorithms learn which audience converts best with your offer and landing page. This means that as time goes on the cost of your campaign goes down. On top of that, this data is invaluable in hyper-optimizing your advertising as well as your product — allowing you to scale even faster and more aggressively.

PPC Pricing packages

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Explore the Pricing

Our PPC Process

Research & Consultation

We kick it off with a discovery call where we learn more about your business, goals, and expectations. There is a myriad of ways of doing PPC - and a myriad of channels to choose from. We help you discover which one is best for your current position in the market. After we do our homework, review the historic data, and assess growth opportunities, we present everything in a report card.

Setup & Launch

Before we launch any new campaigns, we implement a tracking system and optimize your existing ad accounts. Depending on the platform, we create or define the keywords, audiences, targeting, copy guidelines, ad creatives, and everything else we need for a successful campaign launch. Before launch, we do quality control over each campaign with our extensive checklists. This helps minimize the chance of errors and keep the campaign healthy.

Management & Optimization

Our work doesn’t stop with the campaign launch. We keep optimizing the ads to further maximize the ROI, as well as perform various tests that improve the ad performance and help you exceed your goals as fast as possible.